ABOVE: The 9 Lives troupe performs their final show of the year. The troupe asks members of the audience to come on stage and help them with a skit. In this skit, they ask the audience for a word and have to find words that rhyme the specific word given. Lauren Sieh/Staff photographer

By Lauren Sieh
Staff reporter

Ending the year with a laugh is the perfect way to finish out the school year and head off to summer break.

9 LIVES is having their final show of the year on Friday, May 3 at 9 P.M. in Messenger Auditorium. The show will be different from the other show that have been performed this year. There will be new games and long form improv that has not yet been performed this year.

Ryan Pangracs, speech and theatre education sophomore, said, “We are going to be playing some games that this particular group has never played before including songs and musical accompaniment. We are also doing long form improve, which in the same spirt of any other form of improve but, it is a series of scenes that are sewn together through different characters and actions that we make up on the fly.”

The theme for the show is brain stormed by the group. With ideas coming from each member, they decide which ideas are the best and make them into their show.

The 9 Lives improv group prepares for the show five hours before it begins. This process consists of running through the games that they are not comfortable with, sharing some pizza and do some warm up games. Going through this process helps calm done the nerves.

“We just sit around and riff and joke and hangout. Try not to stress about it because it’s not supposed to be stressful. It is supposed to be fun,” said Pangracs.