Pictured above: Chad Gilmore, undecided freshman, hides around a corner in Christy waiting to tag opponents during the Laser Warfare event on Thursday night. (Cortney Showalter/Staff Photographer)


By Kenyatta Sewell Jr.
Staff Reporter

This year Southwestern College is introducing a familiar game that has everyone around campus is buzzing about. This Thursday night was the first annual “Laser Warfare” put on by Campus Life.

The Laser Tag event brought out students looking forward to testing their shooting skills. Members from the men’s basketball team were trash talking leading up to the event and had their squads pre-chosen as they entered the door.

Others came decked out in unison. The whole Christy building was renovated out to accompany this event. It started off with a boys vs. girls game.

From then on it was pure joy.

Jacob Brown, freshman, said, “I really enjoyed it, the only downside was when the girls all ran into the women’s restroom knowing we couldn’t go in there.”

Laura Podschun, undecided freshman, talked about what could be done better and she simply wanted more time to play.

The Laser Tag event was a stellar turnout and the people of Southwestern look forward to the big event next year.

Kenyatta Sewell is a freshman majoring in communication. You can email him at kenyatta.sewell@sckans.edu.