By Lathe Cobb
Staff reporter

As a new student at Southwestern, you are told that when you graduate, you have the option to pay $50 and keep your laptop. That was far from what Kylee Twyman, biology senior, was told.

On May 1, Twyman received an email saying congratulations on graduating followed by, “As a graduate, you are eligible to purchase your SC laptop per your usage agreement for a fee. The fee of $500 has been added to your SC student account for the Spring 2020 term.”

“When I found out, I was completely in shock. They felt it was acceptable to all of a sudden raise the laptop charge to $500? Unacceptable,” said Twyman.

She is one of three students to be affected by the situation.

Southwestern posted a message from the Help Desk via Twitter saying, “There are a few senior students who are in newer machines and they may downgrade to a different laptop to purchase for $50.” They suggested students contact them if any questions arise.

The Collegian reached out to Anthony Gropper, director for academic technology, for a comment but received no response.

This was Twyman’s first year, when she received a laptop she was never told about a newer or older model. Just that it would be $50 to keep it. “If there was a price difference from the beginning, they should have given me the option because I would have chosen the other option. But no one said a word to me,” said Twyman.

Ali Freeman, psychology senior, decided to buy back her computer. “I was disappointed because SC told all of us when we received the laptops that we could purchase it for $50 when we graduated, then on the last day of classes, someone gets blindsided with an email saying it’s $500. That’s not cool,” said Freeman.

Twyman plans on returning her laptop and is hoping to get the $500 charge taken off her account.

Lathe Cobb reported on this story from his home in Rose Hill.