By Angel Vadillo
Staff reporter

The Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference championship took place at Lincoln Park Golf Course in Oklahoma City, Okla. The University of Texas at Brownsville hosted the event.

With precise swings and strikes, the Lady Builders accomplished to finish first place of the tournament. This means they won the KCAC championship and will be traveling to nationals in Greenville, Tenn on May 15.

The team had a total of 654 strikes in the two days finishing up top from UT Brownsville by one strike.

Alyssa Richardson, communication freshman, Chelsea Nemeth, biology freshman, Courtney Huppert, senior, Hannah Mason, freshman, and Jackie McCauley, sophomore were the five Lady Builders who played the meet.

Hannah Watkins, sophomore, attended the tournament as an alternate but did not see action.

Angel Vadillo is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at