By Michelle Dreiling
Staff reporter

In an exhibition game, it’s hard to know what to expect. The women’s basketball team traveled to Topeka to take on Washburn University Saturday night.

The game started out with a scoring streak from the Lady Blues that the Builders had a hard time recovering from. The Builders did gain momentum 10 minutes through the first half of the game, but went into halftime trailing 20-50. The second half brought heavy scoring from the Lady Blues, and not much refutation from the Builders. Despite both a successful jump shot from Jasmine Manuel, junior guard, and a three-pointer from Annjelina Robinson, freshman guard, in the last minute of the game, the final score was Lady Builders 43 and Lady Blues 102.

Tylar Hartfield, junior forward, said, “As we all know Washburn is a really good fast paced team. My expectations going into it were to keep up with them, run the floor, and take this game against them to work on the areas of my game I want to get better in. I feel as if not only me but my team did that. But our expectations were high from Coach Denly. He felt that we could have worked harder, and our effort could have been better. I do think we were prepared, but there were some areas that we as a team need to work harder on. Defensively we did well, but offensively we have to become more explosive and aggressive to execute our plays.”

Jordyn Cossman, sophomore guard, also had high expectations. “My expectations were to improve our game and to work on our offense and defense on a team that was in a higher division than us. I feel that we could have been a little more mentally prepared, but there is never a limit on how prepared a team can be for a game,” said Cossman.

The Lady Builders travel to Bartlesville, Okla. Tuesday to face 2-7 Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

Michelle Dreiling is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at