By Jonathan Woon
Staff reporter

It’s annoying and confusing to look for parking on campus. Unsatisfied students question the lack of parking spots especially around Warren Apartments, Reid and Wallingford after paying large amount of money to the college every semester.

Christy Rude, early childhood education junior, said, “I feel it is part of the school’s responsibility to provide enough parking for students, faculty and lastly visitors.” Rude drives to school and reaches campus at about 8:30 every morning.

Rude faces insufficient parking and wastes about five minutes seeking for a spot. “It’s really hard to find parking. I have to go a few rounds around campus to find parking in other parking areas,” she said.

Scott Rethorst, computer science junior, noticed how parking areas fill up during games. “Family members, supporters and visitors just come flooding in especially during high school football games filling up the student’s used-to-be spots, leaving them with no place to park their vehicles,” said Rethorst.

These complaints have not fallen into deaf ears.

Jordy Train, business senior, vice president of Student Government Association. He said, “At our meeting last week we discussed whether we want to investigate it further and decided, ‘yes that is something we want to do.’”

SGA will survey students’ attitude toward the matter to get a broad spectrum of opinion. SGA is designing a poll at the moment.

Caitlin McCurdy, psychology junior and president of SGA, said, “We have been discussing the possibility of a new parking area, but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

McCurdy encourages students to look out for the poll that will be sent out in about two weeks. “The poll will be done as a questionnaire that will most likely be channeled to students via Jinx Tale,” said McCurdy.

However, it takes much more than that to make SGA’s discussion a reality. “Whether or not anything can be done about it is not something the students can just decide, the college’s administration makes the final call,” said Train.

“I would be excited about a new parking area. But if the school were to raise our tuition for that, I’m sure many students won’t be happy at all,” said Rude. Rude believes that students and faculty should be at the top of the priority list when it comes to parking, not visitors.

Jonathan Woon is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at

Edited by Samantha Gillis.