Last week I posted a comment on Facebook which read, “I wish I was a wee bit taller.” At the time I was putting myself down, mainly because I was self-conscious about my height. Why? I have no idea. This height thing really gets to me sometimes. I feel like it’s a vital part of life, not being tall that is.

My younger brothers are taller than me and this sometime brings me down. For some odd reason I’m always stuck standing in the middle of them. People always assume I’m the little sister and are in shock when I refer to them as my younger brothers. I am constantly asking myself, where did the DNA mismatch happen and why didn’t I inherit the tall gene?

Now that I’m playing Futsal, indoor soccer, mixed in with the guys, I feel I have a disadvantage because I’m not as tall as them. And when I go up against one of them, they seem to glide on by as if I am too small to notice. It frustrates me.

Not only does it frustrate me when I can’t push people around in soccer, but it is hard for me to find a good pair of jeans. They’re either too long or too short for me. Another common frustration of being short is being unable to reach things in high places. I always have to use a stool or get up on the counter to reach something.

It’s plain to see, I can’t change my height. At the age of 21, I stand at 5 feet 3 inches tall and the reality of it is I won’t grow anymore. My height won’t change, but I can certainly change how I see the world. There are a lot of short people who didn’t let size get in the way.

It wasn’t until I looked up some of the shortest athletes in history that I realized size does not matter. And why would it when Tyrone Curtis “Muggsy” Bogues at 5 feet 3 inches was the shortest NBA player of all time. His height certainly didn’t stop him from moving down the court successfully. I read the article in awe. Who was I to judge myself? Height is just a number and all I have to do is believe in myself.

When we hear the word model we think tall. The reality show “America’s Next Top Model” is known for giving a lucky girl, from around the nation, the opportunity to model for an elite modeling agency. Extraordinarily enough season 13 featured short girls. Girls that were more than 5 foot 6 inches were ineligible to compete. Once again my perspective changed. I watched the show just because I could relate to the girls on the show. They were short, just like me, but they weren’t letting a simple stereotype get in the way of their dreams.

So, what am I complaining about? I shouldn’t use being short as a crutch to life, instead I should use it to my advantage. I would say that some of the advantages of being short would be not worrying about my feet dangling off the bed. Will I ever get the chance to slam dunk a basketball? Probably not, but I’m sure some things are better left for those with that ability.

I’ll continue to raise the bar each day and will wake up and feel blessed because I consider myself a model on the inside.