rePete Moye’
Staff reporter

Progression. The perfect title for an artist like Kirko Bangz to dub his mixtapes. Now, on it’s “IV” installment,  the 24-year-old rap artist is dropping his last collection before his debut studio album.

As a member of XXL Magazine’s 2013 Freshman Class, Kirko Bangz uses his heavily-autotuned style to both get you ready to go out and party while still relaxing enough to listen to while doing homework.

Progression IV is a good mixtape to use to evaluate Kirko Bangz early on in his career. While he can use somewhat of Drake’s combination of rapping and singing style, he creates his own sound and provides a really good variety of music that still blends together.

From his “Hoe” track with YG and Yo Gotti to his slow yet romantically creep “Love Rhianna,” he’s able to show how diverse his music can be.

Albeit racy, Kirko Bangz is so outright with his sexual implication within his music, it seems to just settle within the other topics of the collection.

One thing that has dramatically progressed is his diction and word-twisting ability. What used to be a rushed flow has evolved into a smooth yet speedy one.

The 12-track collection is also a deep reflection of his Houston roots: A slow bass-heavy track, often used by many rappers who derive from that area.

Progression IV is the perfect intro to his “Bigger Than Me” which is set to be released.

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