Garrett Chapman
Staff reporter

This percussion piece performed by Jeremy Kirk, assistant professor of music and director of bands and percussion, is called “Marimba Concerto No. 1.” The video above is an excerpt of the entire piece that was performed with the South Kansas Symphony at their concert on Feb. 19. Kirk will be performing the entire piece again at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 14, in Richardson Performing Arts Center during his faculty recital.

Kirk memorizes most of the pieces he performs because, “I can better actively analyze and make adjustments during a performance.”

It took Kirk from August to January, working between his daily duties, to memorize “Marimba Concerto No. 1.”  Kirk said, “I worked on it between my teaching, directing, and recruiting which is the reason for the longer time frame.”

Now that Kirk has this in his percussion catalogue, he says he “plans to perform it with any other ensembles across the U.S. that may wish to program it.” Kirk says that the piece is also adapted for being accompanied with piano, concert band, and percussion ensemble. This makes it versatile for programming.

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