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Derreck Carter, theatre arts freshman, practices his clarinet during band rehearsal Monday afternoon. Band has been preparing for the Kaleidoscope concert Oct. 17 in Richardson Auditorium.

By Alejandra Rojas
Staff reporter


Kaleidoscope uses a constant range of colors to highlight many different aspects and make patterns.

The performing arts department will come together to highlight their talent in a one-night show called Kaleidoscope.

Mike Jones, assistant professor of music, is coordinating the show. He said he thinks the performance will highlight the entire Performing Arts department, just like a kaleidoscope highlights all of its colors.
The SC Concert Band, the South Kansas Symphony Orchestra, the SC Singers, the A Cappella Choir, and 9 Lives will come together at 8 p.m. Oct. 17 in Richardson Auditorium to feature the performance together.

Kaleidoscope is one of the activities for homecoming. The concert is free of charge.
“I think it is one of the most unique things that will happen and one of the few times that we will come across and feature all aspects of the fine arts department,” said Jones.

Students began practice at the beginning of the semester and are looking forward to showcasing their hard work.

Sally McGuire, undecided freshman, will be playing the trumpet in the jazz band, concert band and in the symphony orchestra. She said she can’t wait to let others see how hard all of the groups have worked to put the show together.

Derreck Carter, biology freshman, who will be involved in all of the bands, will play the alto saxophone in the jazz band and the clarinet in the concert band and symphony orchestra. He said he thinks that the bands are like an injection of the student’s pride of music.

Carter wants people to come to Kaleidoscope to get a little taste of everything.

“It helps to broaden your view and makes you more open-minded,” said Carter.  “The campus can get to hear the entire band flavors plus listen to the choirs.”

Kaleidoscope will feature a variety of songs and tunes. The SC Concert band, directed by Daniel Stevens, assistant professor of string music, will have a patriotic theme and will be performing “American Visions” and “An American Elegy.”

There will be traditional spiritual songs performed by the A Cappella Choir, directed by Dr. David Gardner, assistant professor of music, as well as Silesian folk tunes.
Jones said this will be one of the few times the performing arts will come together. “There are few opportunities we get to showcase our talent at SC,” said Jones.

Alejandra Rojas is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at alejandra.rojas@sckans.edu.