By Nick Hofmeister
Staff reporter

A kaleidoscope combines different colors into patterns. The Kaleidoscope Concert will combine colors of music from many different ensembles into one event. The concert, which takes place during Homecoming weekend, features several different bands and choirs. Performing groups include the South Kansas Symphony, SC Concert Band, SC Big Band, SC Singers, and A Cappella Choir. Each group will perform a few selections from their repertoire.

“The Kaleidoscope Concert is really the only chance all school year that you can see the diversity of all the different groups,” said Anthony Gropper, music senior.

“The jazz ensemble will perform ‘Woodchopper’s Ball,’ a 1939 hit by the Woody Herman Orchestra, which I got to hear in concert in 1975 in Talequah, OK,” said Jimmy Leach, director of the concert and jazz bands. “Jazz allows for the great freedom to improvise and play from the heart and imagination.”

“Expect to hear some good marches from the SC Concert Band,” said Hunter Rockhill, music performance sophomore.

“The concert band will play the ‘March Intercollegiate,’ composed by Charles Ives when he was still a teenager. I chose this march for the homecoming concert as Ives cleverly includes as a countermelody our alma mater, which was originally the tune ‘Annie Lisle,’ composed in 1857 by Henry Thompson,”said Leach. “As this will be my first conducting appearance at Southwestern, I’m looking forward to leading these two groups full of terrific musicians and nice people.”

The SC Singers are doing a lot of vocal jazz this year, while the A Cappella Choir will do more traditional pieces, according to Gropper. “Every year, the A Cappella Choir will sing ‘Beautiful Savior,’ which has been a tradition since the 1920’s,” said Gropper.

Gropper said that the South Kansas Symphony will also play some great music.

“The whole concert is like a sampler of all the different flavors the music department has to offer,” said Rockhill. “It’s going to be a chance to see a lot of different types of music at one event.”

The concert will be in Richardson Auditorium on Friday at 8 p.m.

Nick Hofmeister is a junior majoring in new media. You may e-mail him at