Shawn Knepper

Staff Reporter

As of late December, Southwestern says good-bye to Ben Hanne, former Campus Minister. With his departure, brings a new opportunity for change.

Molly Just, Director of Discipleship, will now take the position as the next Campus Minister.

Molly Just has been working at Southwestern College for six and a half years, but her roots in Southwestern goes deep when she came to the school in 2008 for her Bachelors of Philosophy and Religion and her Masters in Asbury Theology Seminary in Kentucky.

“When I was a senior in high school, I knew that I wanted to teach, so someone told me to take a look at this school because they have a great education program and my faith was also important to me.” Says Just.

Within her time at Southwestern, students are very optimistic in what she’ll do as the new Campus Minister.

“She’s a hardworking person and I hope she continues doing the good work she’s been doing” says Joefirkus Giat, Music Education senior.

Even now, the hashtag #trychapel is encouraging students to have closer connections within their faiths and in the Builder Community regardless of denomination and/or lack of any religious affiliation.

Molly expresses that chapel is “a positive place on campus where students are invited to be seen, loved, and to share within a community-even if it feels vulnerable and risky sometimes.”

Telara Day, musical theatre junior, feels more open towards Molly’s presence as she continues to participate in Chapel.

 “I’m not afraid to speak to her and she seems very welcoming. I hope that she will help us grow personally as well as a group in chapel.” Says Day.

As Molly Just continues her duty as director of chapel, we can hope that she continues to reach out towards students and the Winfield community with loving arms.