By Emily Braudaway
Staff reporter

April 25 marked Leadership’s annual banquet.

A highlight of the night includes the honoring of the Leo Award.

Maria Collins, health science and biochemistry junior, was this year’s recipient.

Collins said, “The Leo Award comes from a tradition inspired by Robert Greeley’s Servant Leadership and essentially team members will nominate someone on the team who they believe embodies a spirit of Leo who is a character from the book. They then write a paragraph explaining why this team member exemplifies servant leadership.”

The next part of the process is that all the former Leadership students who previously won the award look at all the nominations and select the winner.

Former winners are all invited back to the banquet and the most recent winner presents the award.

The award is made from glass and has multiple colors inside of it, including blue and green and purple. These colors represent servant leadership.

Since the pandemic prevented a banquet from happening last year, this year gave a chance for last year’s graduates to experience one.

Caroline Henry, biology freshman, said, “it was a lot of fun. It was nice to dress up and eat with friends.”

Even with COVID-19 protocols, Leadership has found was to make the year pleasing.

Henry said, “My favorite part of leadership has been getting to know all the people on leadership and learning how I can be a better leader.”