ABOVE: Jordyn Miller dribbles the ball during an early-season game. (Tessa Castor/File photo)

Madison Stumbough

Staff reporter

Jordyn Miller, athletic training senior, was named the 2018 KCAC women’s basketball player of the year.

“Oh my goodness – yeah, that’s a pretty big title to have,” Miller said. “I’m truly humbled to even be nominated for anything near that, because I would have never imagined myself receiving something like that.”

In the 2017-2018 season, Miller played her best college career season, transitioning from a field goal percentage of 41.7 percent her freshman year to 51.7 percent her senior year and earning an 80.2 percent free throw percentage this year compared to her 61.3 percent her freshman year.

Her love for basketball started at the young age of five, when she first stepped foot on the court to play. Miller’s parents both loved basketball and played when they were young. They were excited to see her grow both on and off the court.

“My parents have really challenged me to just go above and beyond,” Miller said. “They’ve been my biggest support system these past four years, coming to almost every game.”

While basketball has been an important part of her life, it isn’t the only thing Miller has excelled in. During her four years at Southwestern, Miller has worked towards her athletic training degree and will graduate in May.

Balancing life between school, athletic training and basketball has been a challenge for Miler and has helped her grow in a way she didn’t expect when starting college.

“Being an athletic trainer and an athlete at the same time, they’re kind of two full-time jobs in a sense. I’ve had to really balance out my time to get my requirements for school and athletic training on top of basketball dedication.” Miller said. “I really learned how to time manage.”

Miller plans to begin physical therapy school at Wichita State University in June.

“There are so many emotions with leaving,” Miller said. “Southwestern will always have a part of my heart – it’s just such a great place to be.”

While Southwestern has become a home to Miller over the past four years and moving forward will be hard, she is excited about the journey to come.

Madison Stumbough is a junior majoring in liberal arts and sciences. You may email her at madison.stumbough@sckans.edu.