(Dru Pelter/Special to the Collegian)

(Dru Pelter/Special to the Collegian)

By Dru Pelter

Staff reporter

Roy Jones, an infantry army veteran, who lives in the Veterans Home in Winfield, celebrated his 93rd birthday on Oct. 31. Jones is from Atlanta, Kan. and was drafted in 1942. Jones joined an All-Indian division out of Oklahoma City, and as he started to get experience in the military, he became a platoon leader with 50 men under his command at all times. During his four-year service in the military, Jones earned two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star award.

The freezing weather is what Jones described as the most challenging thing to overcome in the war. He also remembered the first time he met a German enemy. “It had to be me or him.” That was the mindset Jones had during his time fighting for his country.

Jones talked about the most unpleasant memory during World War ll. He said, ”The thing I thought about the most was seeing the Germans take all those people to concentration camps, waking up and seeing box cars filled with people who were dead and burnt.”

Jones said, “Being in the military at that time didn’t have much of an effect on me. I was just a young country boy.”

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