By Maggie Dunning
Staff reporter

A bluegrass festival favorite will be performing at 7 p.m. on Feb. 8 in Richardson Performing Arts center. John McCutcheon is an instrumentalist and a storyteller.

Jessica Falk, director of camps and conferences, said, “He’s someone we’ve had in the past. He performed in Richardson ten years ago, before it was a renovated space.”

An entertainment committee decides what films and performances will happen at RPAC.

Falk said, “It’s part of the school’s effort to increase our presence in the community as an entertainment venue.”

Steve Wilke, vice-president for planning and new programs, said, that one reason RPAC is being used for more outside performances and films is to expand the involvement of the college in the Winfield community.

“The more different things we have happening here the more often people in the community might find a reason to engage with the college,” said Wilke.

Brenna Truhe, English sophomore is a member of the entertainment committee. She saidshe was asked to join the entertainment committee by Lai-L Clemons.  

The entertainment committee has three students on it. “At our last meeting there was just three of us; Dylan Moore, Bianna Helton, and myself,” said Truhe.

“It’s basically coming together and brainstorming what we think will be most successful on campus for students and also the community of Winfield,” said Truhe.

Other factors that will tie into deciding which artists will get to perform in RPAC are cost, educational value and if they are on tour in the surrounding area. 

Falk said, “We are looking at doing four outside performances a year that are artists for events and then six films throughout the year.”

Wilke said, “I think a healthy community has people coming and going. This is uncharted territory. We are just going to learn all together what things we can bring in and do and have a good time with.”

Wilke said there are hopes that with this new system, performers will be able to help further students’ education. “We’re hopeful that in the future some of the artists may perform with some of our performing arts students or doing some workshops and things in the afternoon before they do a concert,” said Wilke.

The space will still be used for regular school events, rehearsals, and performances.

Falk said that the first 20 students who contact her for tickets to the event will get them at a discounted price of $15.

Tickets to this event are $22.50. For tickets to the event, call Falk at 620-229-6141 or go The next performance is planned for Homecoming.

Maggie Dunning is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email her at