By Jonahs Joudrey
Staff reporter


The new, mysterious SC Jinx rock outside of Stewart Field House was an effort by Jim Helmer, former  men’s and women’s head cross country coach, and the cross country team in an attempt to beautify the area.

However, many students may wonder how the rock ended up outside the athletic training room. David Denly, director of athletics, helped to scoop the case. He knew that an old, dying pine tree used to pollute the area where the Jinx rock now resides. But its placement there, said Denly, was a surprise to him.

Denly made some phone calls and eventually tracked down Helmer. When asked about the rock, Helmer said that he wanted to “visually enhance” the area after the removal of the old pine tree. He said that the area is a high traffic area and that he wanted to make it visually appealing to the people on campus.

Helmer sent the logo almost one year ago to Dawson Monument, a local engraving shop. There were minor delays, but eventually it came out even better than expected, said Helmer.

Helmer plans, with the help of the cross country team, to maintain the area surrounding the Jinx rock. There is a possibility for more improvement to the area in the future. However, nothing is planned as of now.

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