By Kyle Killgore
Staff Reporter

Southwestern’s premier jazz combo, the Student Loans, will be performing at College Hill Coffee. The show is set for 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday night.

The group looks to show off a variety of new songs that they have been working on. When asked what should be expected Nick Hofmeister, music  senior,  said, “Lots of jazz and pink neckties. We have a whole set of new songs, so it will be a pretty exciting show for us.”

The group has played at the coffee shop in the past and has always enjoyed the atmosphere and look forward to returning.

“Over the last few years, we’ve performed at College Hill Coffee a dozen times or more. The group in its current form has been playing at college for coffee for the last two years,” said Hofmeister

The jazz combo utilizes several different genres of jazz and also adds some exciting elements to their show.

“We play all sorts of jazz as well as Latin. [Anthony Gropper] is a vocalist also, so that opens up a lot of different song possibilities for the group,” said Hofmeister, “We normally try to do some fun stuff as well. We did ‘Gangnam Style’ at our College Hill Coffee Christmas show.”

The show will open with the Scott Williams Quartet with the Student Loans following, performing in the second set.

The atmosphere is one of the favorite elements of the group playing at College Hill Coffee.

“We love it,” said Hofmeister, “When we play in the performance hall, everybody there is focused completely on us. When you play at College Hill Coffee, though, people are focused on who they’re talking to or what they’re eating or a million other things, so it’s not up to us to completely set the mood of the show. As musicians, we just get to add to everything that’s already happening.”

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