By Benjamin Whitener
Staff reporter

The Java Jinx will stay where it is. A renovation has been ordered.

The team in charge of planning for the Java Jinx considered moving the Jinx downstairs to the space previously occupied by the Book Cave. Doing so would have eliminated the old grill. Burgers, fries and chicken would have been removed from the menu. It would also mean losing Starbucks Coffee. Dan Falk, Dean of Students, said losing the grill and Starbucks would have defeated the idea of improving the Java Jinx and making it better.

Instead of moving the Java Jinx, the plan is to revamp and improve it.

Falk said that the counter where people currently order food from will be removed and an island with a grab and go rack will replace it. The cabinets will be replaced as well. Falk said, “They look like they’re from the 50s.” He said it is time to get rid of them and bring in some modern designs.

Other changes to the Jinx include adding more items to the menu. Sandwiches, wraps and salads will be offered as healthier and easier options. Falk said they wanted to add cool and different meal options to get students to want to visit the Jinx instead of going to a local fast food joint. “We want to compete with Sonic and McDonald’s,” he said.

With changes, prices could easily go up to cover the cost of the renovations, but Harold Harris, general manager of food services, said they have no intentions of raising prices.

The improvements are slated to begin as soon as this semester is over. Plans have been made for the new Java Jinx to be finished before classes resume next semester.

Benjamin Whitener is a junior majoring in digital arts. You may e-mail him at