By JC Fuentes

Staff reporter

Every student on campus is aware of Java Jinx and what they have to offer on their menu. If you want a quick sandwich or pizza to go or a snack to munch on, “The Jinx” is the place to go. This semester, The Jinx has managed to add several new items that have managed to sell fairly well to the students and faculty.

Melissa VanSickle, office administrator for the dining hall, Java Jinx, and Stir and Bustle said that they are trying to add new items in The Jinx. “We have a food committee full of students who try to come up with ideas on what we want to serve in the caf, and who give us suggestions for The Jinx.”

Wilma Schremmer, supervisor for Java Jinx, said that, even though they have a committee that makes suggestions, they cannot add anything unless it is approved from the office. “We try to add more items as much as we can,” said Schremmer. “But because of the permission we need from the office and the amount of room we have in The Jinx, it is kind of difficult to accommodate the student’s requests.”

Taylor Rodriguez, undeclared freshman, said, “I like the variety. However, if there is one item I wish they would add, it would have to be Mrs. Freshley’s honeybuns.”

The Java Jinx is the perfect place to go and get a quick bite to eat or a snack to munch on, and if they were able to expand their options, they would be so much better.

JC Fuentes is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email him at