By Clinton Dick
Staff reporter

For such a small college, it is hard to imagine how there is as much thought and work put into the push to make campus a carbon-free, sustainable place as there is. Going green, recycling and doing whatever it takes to keep the earth from becoming a place that is unlivable is something that passes through our minds every now and then. It is those who choose to turn that thought into action that make it possible for college’s like Southwestern to achieve their goals.

Just last week, the Green Team hosted a “Go-Green” basketball game in hopes of raising awareness about sustainability to the college and the community. Flyers were hung about recycling; people got a chance to guess how many bottles the campus uses everyday for prizes and tips during intermissions were given over the sound system. The reason to put on such an event is to inspire people to take action. Whether or not it was successful is yet to be determined, but it was a step made towards a future of greener action.

But why is it important to act, especially considering we are at a small college? People who do not think about or care that the human race is wiping out entire species or depleting the earth’s natural resources aren’t going to be persuaded anyway right?

That is exactly the kind of attitude that counteracts organizations such as the Green Team strive to achieve. It is also why setting the example is the only way to truly lead people towards a sustainable campus and earth.

It isn’t about forcing people to do things against their will; it is about showing them the differences they can make when they choose to stand out. As a service learning organization, the Green Team strives to do just that. They learn new and different ways they can help the cause for sustainability by the services they put out. The organization also stands out to people because they are setting the example for what they believe in. When someone does stands out, people notice and when people notice something, action is possible.

Around the world, there are people and organizations that lead by example and raise awareness about going green and being responsible with the way we use our earth. Like Green Team, they put forth the effort and make not only themselves known, but what their goals are. People will not follow if they do not know what they are working to achieve.

Not everyone is going to see the issue at hand the same way.   No matter what not everyone is going to strive towards the same goal. There is hope that a college like Southwestern can be sustainable, there just has to be enough people leading by example and pushing to get to a sustainable campus. It all depends on how you choose to act.

Clinton Dick is a sophomore majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail him at