By Benjamin Whitener
Staff reporter

Say bye, bye to IQ Web and hello to Self Service.

On Nov. 23 IQ Web will cease to exist on campus.  Self Service, will replace IQ Web on the same day.

Stacy Townsley, registrar, said that the change is being made because it is time for a routine upgrade.

The change is also being made to make the process of registering for classes easier. Luke Garis, game development junior, said, “It’s a pain trying to use IQ Web to find classes to set up a schedule.”

Self Service will offer a new feature that allows the student to link their academic plan to their schedule. This means that whatever classes are listed on an academic plan will be set up for the student in their schedule with minimal effort.

Townsley said, “The interface is more intuitive and user friendly.”

One of the downsides to switching systems is that students have to create new accounts and passwords. The password from IQ Web does not transfer when Self Service goes into effect. Password requirements for Self Service are also stricter than IQ Web. Students have to create more complex, stronger passwords.

The user ID will change from the user setup name to the nine digit student ID number. This makes it easier all around and it will match Blackboard user IDs.

The good news is that transferring your account information will be easy. When students first go to the Self Service page there will be a link that will transfer your information from IQ Web to Self Service.

All of the changes can set your head spinning and there is no formal training session planned to get students up to date on the new system. There will, however, be a FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) section of the system where students can find information that other people have asked about and possibly submit their own question. Townsley said that there may also be a webinar setup for the new system. The webinar would give students a run through on how the system works.

Although there is not going to be a training session for students, there will be one for faculty. Ben Lim, vice president of information services, said the functionality of the faculty side of self service is a little more difficult. Faculty will benefit from a training session.

There will obviously be some issues for some students and faculty so a hotline will be made available Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. A user guide will also be made available for those who prefer to troubleshoot on their own.

On the off chance that the changeover develops some difficulties, there will be a notification sent out and the system will not be put in place until the following weekend. Lim said, “If something happens we will send out an e-mail explaining what happened and we will try again the next weekend.”

Benjamin Whitener is a junior majoring in digital arts. You may e-mail him at