By Paige Carswell
Staff reporter

People like to complain.

There’s really no other explanation for our behaviors. We’re getting better at complaining all the time too. We complain about Venus Williams’s questionable exit from the U.S. Open singles semifinals on Facebook. We Twitter about how President Barack Obama is ruining the country. We go to online forums and discuss how bad Southwestern’s football team has been and will always be.

It’s just too bad we aren’t willing to do something about it. We’re good at talking now. In fact, we’ve practically perfected the art of meaningless socializing through outlets listed above, but we’re still not doing very well at putting beliefs into practice or even trying to fix what’s broken.
Head coach Ken Crandall invited fans to form a “Builder Canal” for the football team to run through on Saturday during the team’s first game against Sterling College.

Is it embarrassing that we sent our football team running through a “canal” of about 20 people, with maybe two college students included? Probably. But it’s even more embarrassing that we treat pretty much every aspect of our lives in that same manner.
We stew on the fact that the economy is in a recession, but we still shop at places like Walmart. We talk about how much tuition rates are going up, but don’t put forth any kind of effort to understand why or how. We don’t bother looking into scholarships. Who really wants to put forth the effort for a few hundred dollars, anyway?

We talk. We just don’t do.

If we took the time out of our busy lives full of watching sitcoms and reality television and actually did something with it, think of the possibilities. What if we didn’t shop at Walmart for a whole month and instead provided a local grocer or quirky clothing store with business? What if we sat outside for a day and protested something we believed strongly in. If we found out the truth about Southwestern’s rates compared to other colleges?

What if we spent less time on and more time thinking about making someone else’s life better? Get involved. Do something little, do something big. Just do something.

Maybe it all doesn’t matter, and people and the economy are too far gone. Or maybe not.
Maybe we could talk to the football team that ran through a “Builder Canal” of approximately 20 fans Saturday evening and see if it matters to them.

Paige Carswell is a junior majoring in journalism. You may e-mail her at