By Melody Brinigar
Staff reporter

Becky Mangus, executive assistant to the president and provost, brings proficiency and detail to her job. Mangus comes with more than 11 years experience as a licensed insurance agent. This position is an opportunity to expand the administrative responsibilities she performed at her previous job. “The job intrigued me. It was a different opportunity,” said Mangus. “It’s a nice change. I work for two super guys.”

Mangus has been married for nearly 40 years to her husband, Gary. They have two married daughters, a granddaughter and a grandcat. She refers to her daughters as her BFF’s. The three try to have an annual girls get-together. Their latest was a trip to Seattle. Mangus said, “It’s hard to think that as we get older, that also means our children get older too.” Their oldest will turn 40 this year.

And those years are not taken for granted. Mangus is a two-year survivor of breast cancer. She said, “Man, that just knocks the socks off of you. It made us wonder, ‘Where’s this going to go?’” Fortunately, for Mangus, medication will be her remedy for the next couple of years.

When not at work, you may find Mangus enjoying her outdoor hobbies, in the garden nurturing flowers and vegetables or on the golf course.

Melody Brinigar is an undergraduate majoring in communication. You may email her at