By Gabby Gamez
Staff reporter

Referees whistles blowing and sweaty bodies moving up and down the glossy wooden floor is the scene that will soon be starting up with the kick off of Southwestern College Intramural Co-Rec Basketball.

Montana Ricky, senior STUFU president, said “It’s another opportunity for SC students to complete in a fun environment.”

The intramural basketball teams must consist of three guys and two girls at all times on the court. This allows for there to be an easy balance for the co-ed teams.

Dan Falk, dean of students, said the intramural basketball program started in 2007 with an agreement between himself and Brandon Hessing. They would have student workers keeping record and also referee. The games would take place twice a week at Winfield High School.

This year’s games will be held at the Winfield Rec. Center. Falk said “Rec. takes care of referees, including the training and score board.” With the struggle to find facilities on campus the Winfield Rec. Center is a great place to host the popular sport of intramural basketball.

Rickey said “I like watching people play the sport I love.” With the sport of basketball being the most popular intramural sport here at Southwestern.

Falk said that Student Foundations pays $2,000 for the facilities, Referees, and managing the brackets with the teams. This is the best solution for SC with the lack of facilities and it also takes the pressure off of STUFU to find referees that are trained and do all the behind the scenes work.

“Through the great learning experience that blossoms from playing in the co-ed intramural league is that it builds teamwork and also helps students manage their emotions,” said Falk.

The team rosters are due at 3p.m. on Oct. 24, and the first games will be played in the evening on Nov. 11.

Gabby Gamez is a junior majoring in communication. You may contact her at