By Jevyn Voss
Staff reporter

The days of high school sports are now behind the students of Southwestern College. Many play for the college teams, but many also play intramural sports to remember the good times they once had.

Josh Sapp, business administration junior, said he plays for the sheer enjoyment of the sport. ”Playing intramural sports takes me back to the days of playing competitively in high school.”

When Sapp played in high school, he was a guard at Wellington High School. At Southwestern, Sapp is a member of the tennis team. He plays basketball with some friends on the ‘Golfers’ team.

Seven teams compete in the free intramural basketball league for students. The teams are three games into the season and they play at 6 and 8 p.m. every Tuesday at the Winfield Recreation Center.

There are some big differences between playing in an intramural league and playing competitively.

“One big difference between intramural leagues and playing competitively is that intramural teams don’t always have uniforms, we don’t,” said Sapp.

“We sadly don’t have real uniforms. We just wear white shirts with numbers. A few of the teams did either make uniforms or buy jerseys though,” said Christian Wacker, mathematics sophomore.

Wacker, is a member of ‘Team Unknown’. “I think we are called ‘Team Unknown’ because we never really came up with a name, it’s actually kind of funny,” said Wacker.

Wacker, a graduate of Mountain View High School in Loveland, Col., never played basketball in high school but is now a cross country runner. He was invited to play in the league by some friends from the cross country team.

Chris said he joined the team to have a little bit of fun and to forget about the stress of classes and practice for a couple of hours. “Even when we’re losing we make it as fun as possible.”

Another big difference in playing in an intramural league is the way the game is played. “We don’t have any coaches, so we don’t have any plays nor do we have a set strategy,” said Wacker. “We kind of just sub each other in and out when one of us feels like playing or is tired.”

Sapp said that intramural basketball has no organized strategy so there is no game plan. ”It’s kind of just a freestyle style of play when we’re out on the court.”

Jevyn Voss is a junior majoring in communication.  You may email him at