By Hayley Weston-McClain
Staff reporter

The last time many college students dressed formally was either for a wedding or a high school event. Southwestern College is about to change that.

International Club will be hosting the first Jinxy Ball at 8pm Dec.1 in Wroten Hall.

Polina Dyadyk, business graduate, is a member of the International Club. She said, “We tried doing something like this in Wroten Hall a couple of years ago. It went over really well, but we only invited a select few.”

Dyadyk also said that since International Club has not been very active in the last year, they wanted to show students that the group exists and put on fun activities.

Men’s and women’s basketball play that night. Rena Rodriguez, International Club advisor, said that the members are hoping students will come over and have fun after the games are over.

“Jinxy Ball is a chance for students to dress formally and attend a school dance. It is to celebrate Christma and the holidays,” said Rodriguez.

The goal is to have students come and celebrate said Rodriquez. “But no matter what, I know the students there will have a lot of fun.”

Dyadyk said she is excited about the event and looks forward to everyone dressing up and attending a dance that does not happen all of the time.

“If it is any incentive there will be a chocolate fountain and food,” said Rodriguez.

yadyk also said there will be a photo booth.

The attire is formal wear. So drag out the old homecoming dresses and prom gown. Iron a shirt and find your dress shoes.

Hayley Weston-McClain is a junior majoring in communication. You may email her at