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By Morgan Givney
Staff reporter

Everyone wants to get a job after graduation. Everyone has also heard the about the shape of the job market and unemployment. So how do you get a job after graduation and avoid becoming another statistic? Get an internship.

James McEwen, internship coordinator, stresses the importance of internships being on a resume. “They are very important to show on a resume. They give a recruiter a reason to pick your resume. It makes you stand out from the others, they show business recruiters that you have real world experience,” said McEwen.

Tashira Triplett, physical performance in sports studies senior, is also receiving minor in criminal justice. To accompany her career interests with her minor, Triplett got an internship in Washington DC this past summer at the police department. “I did ride-alongs with police, worked in the office and did customer service audits on the police station,” said Triplett.

Triplett said that by having an internship she learned about how to work a job, learned about government and received classroom experience. Triplett said, “The most beneficial thing about the internship was getting experience and making connections. I got to explore more about criminal justice and see new things.”

The internship program she was connected with is called Washington Experience. Triplett found this internship by talking to students on campus who worked with Washington Experience in the past.

Sara Blackburn, business marketing and sports management junior, has an internship set up for the upcoming summer with the minor league baseball team T-Bonez in Kansas City. “I will be a group tickets intern. I’ll make ticket sales and help set up events at games,” said Blackburn.

Like Triplett, Blackburn got an internship to help build her resume. “I got it to learn more about the industry I want to be in. To get more knowledge, and to get my name out there,” said Blackburn.

Blackburn expects to learn more about the business side of the team; how a minor league team runs and how they make money. She is looking forward to being involved in the event planning and spending time at the fields. “I love baseball, so being at the ball field makes me excited about it,” said Blackburn.

McEwen urges anyone interested in an internship to contact their advisor first. He also says that anytime is a good time to get an internship, but especially if you are a junior or senior. McEwen handles internships for the business department; however, there are many resources available to students if you are seeking an internship. Starting with your advisor will give you the appropriate connections to best suite your needs.

“We handle it like a real world situation. We ask that they contact the business, set up an interview, and provide a resume so it’s very much like looking for job,” said McEwen.

McEwen said “[Internships] open students up to real world situations. They get to see how important it is to be dependable, energetic and learn the value of taking initiative. Also, some simple things like how important it is to show up on time and dress appropriately.”

Morgan Givney is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at