By Emily Braudaway
Staff reporter

Ruth Moreno is from Mexico, who is currently majoring in elementary education.

She is well known across campus by many people. She enjoys talking to other people and making positive impacts on others’ lives. She is a manager for women’s soccer and is also in discipleship.

Olivia Worsham, communication freshman, said, “She is very loyal, she is very funny, and she is a hard worker.”

Chloe Speer, psychology and chemistry freshman, said, “She’s chill, she’s funny, and she gets along with everyone.”

Speer also said that Ruth is up at 2 a.m. laughing at her phone.

Moreno decided to come here because she went to Summit last summer and fell in love with the campus.

Moreno said, “I feel I was accepted (and) I was home.” Although, she does miss her family, boyfriend and food from home.

Moreno also said that she lives in the city and that she is by the desert, but it is nice to be in a smaller city and try to find herself.

Worsham said that it is exciting why she came from Mexico to Winfield. Worsham also said that she knew Moreno before, but they met in Aug.

Moreno enjoys being creative and using her hands. She also enjoys comparing the two cultures she lives around and grown up around.

In five years, she sees herself graduating from college and having a clear vision for her future.