By Joshua Eibl
Staff reporter

COVID-19 turned everybody’s life upside down and made us realize how transient it is. Because of this, our international students have experienced this struggle over many months.

“Since the regulations of the government, it was more of a cut and dry process and included a lot of waiting until new rules got implemented. Six out of 15 new students weren’t able to get here at all due to multiple reasons,” said Elyse Achenbach, Coordinator of International Student Services and Enrollment.

It was especially difficult for international freshman who needed a Visa in their home country. They had to wait a long time for an appointment at the American embassy. They were closed for a long time and sometimes only issued a single-entry visa which means that the student will need a new visa once they travel back to their home country according to the international advisor Achenbach.

These rules have changed almost every day and left our international students uncertain about the future ahead of us.

Fabio Schneider, business administration junior, said that the biggest challenge was to find flights to the United States, because they were very limited due to less travelers. Until the very end, he didn’t know if he would be able to make it to Winfield because flights got either canceled or redirected.

This was only one of many problems our students had to face before starting this year’s fall semester.

“Other schools are only offering online classes throughout this semester. This means that international students weren’t able to enter the U.S. at all but because SC is fully in-person, we were able to work with these new rules,” said Jasmin Hauska, biochemistry freshman.

In addition to that, all international students had to quarantine in the U.S. for two weeks even if they pre-quarantined in their home country which included significant organizational challenges.

It has been a long journey but our international students who made it successfully to Winfield are excited to start their semester.