By Angel Vadillo
Staff reporter

Indoor men’s and women’s track team had their first meet of the year at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Mo. The meet lasted two days, Jan. 20 and Jan. 21.

Dave Leonard, business administration freshman, said, “The meet was a lot of fun and ran pretty smoothly. I did the same thing every meet. I warm up and just run the race as hard as I can.”

Christine Sheppard, sophomore, finished ninth place out of 38 runners. Her heat number was five and her time was 27.18 seconds in the women’s 200 meter dash. Taylor Sisneros, sophomore, finished 22nd followed by Rachel Bush, freshman, with times of 28.71 and 28.72 respectively. Stevie Heidzig, freshman, finished in 29th with a time of 29.63. Erin Morton, junior had a time of 29.63.

In the 3000 meter run, the Builders finished in 14th and 17th out of 18 teams. Jacey Cullop senior, finished with a time of 12:29.09. Mallorie Coffman ,sophomore, had a time of 12:47.66.

In the women’s distance medley, Southwestern College finished in the third place. Jennifer Hendrixson, senior, Cori Hunt, sophomore, Erica Dunigan, senior, and Sydnee Nelson, junio,r ran in a time of 13:42.62.

In the women’s long jump, Morton had a distance of 4.02 meters.

Continuing the women’s events for Jan. 20, Mandy Bostwick, senior, and Allyssa Zentner, junior ended in 11.64 meters and 9.68 meters respectively in the women’s weight throw.

For the Men’s events, Colton Siler, sophomore, finished sixth out of 57 making it in the time of 22.90. Elliot Muegge, freshman and Jovan Fulton-Wilson, junior, finished 22nd and 24th with times of 23.75 and 23.83. Kevin Rodgers, senior, followed in the 29th place with a time of 24.05 and Brandyn Willard, sophomore, finished 47th with time of 24.67. Miguel Rodriguez, junior finished 55th with 26.46.

Eric Lightfoot, freshman, finished in ninth place and Daniel Van Sickle, sophomore, in 11th, Trey Bruton, sophomore, 13th, and Leonard, 21st, they ran for the 3000 men’s meter rush. They finished in times of 9:30.42, 9:34.26, 9:43.05 and 10:33.68 respectively.

In the men’s distance medley, Southwestern finished second out of seven teams. Sam McDaniel, sophomore, Chandler Kirkhart, senior, Darnell Pittman, senior, and Frank Adelman, junior, finished the race in 10:37.64.

Chris Paddock, sophomore, finished 10th in the men’s weight throw. Garret Mohney, junior, finished 18th and Alex Fernandez, sophomore, finished 19th.

The meet continued on Jan. 21 and the teams got there willing to do better.

The next day started with the women’s 200 meter dash. Sheppard finished in the ninth place with a time of 27.18. Sisneros and Bush finished 22nd and 23rd with times of 28.71 and 27.72 Heidzig finished in 29th and Morton followed in 32nd place out of 34 competitors. In the women’s 400 meter dash, Bush and Sisneros raced and finished in 15th and 17th place respectively.

For the women’s 800 meter dash, Taylor Kinnamon, senior, finished in 13th place, Hunt finished in 16th place, Mychala Money, senior, in 19th , Erica Dunigan, senior, in 23rd and Mallorie Coffman ended in 24th place.

During the one mile run, Dunigan finished in 20th place with a time of 6:11.47 and Coffman followed her in the 22nd place in 6:17.33.

In the women’s 3000 meter run, Cullop finished with a time of 12:29.09 in 14th place, and Coffman ended the race in 12:47.66.

Nelson, Hendrixson and Cullop raced in the women 5000 meter dash. They finished in fourth, eighth, and 14 place respectively.

For the 4×100 women’s meter relay, the Builders finished eighth out of eight teams. Sheppard, Sisneros, Kinnamon, and Busch ran the event.

For the women’s distance medley, the Builders finished in third place. Hendrixson, Hunt, Dunigan andNelson ran for the Builders.

Morton jumped for Southwestern in the women’s long jump and finished in 24th place with a distance of 4.02 meters.

For the next event, it was the women’s shot put and Bostwick finished in the ninth place for Southwestern. Zentner followed in 17th place.

Bostwick and Zentner finished 12th and 15th respectively in the women’s weight throw.

The men’s team ran the 60 meter dash and Siler finished in third place with the time of 6.95.

In the men’s 200 meter dash, Siler finished in the sixth spot, Muegge finished 22nd, Rodgers, finished 29th, Willard finished 47th and Rodriguez finished 55th.

In the men’s 400 meter dash Kirkhart earned seventh place, and Willard 16th place.

The men’s 600 yard run was won by Pittman who finished first in 1:13.46. The men’s 800 meter rush was run by McDaniel in 2:00.96. Conner Barragree, freshman, Van Sickle, Nick Warnke, freshman, and Leonard followed.

The men’s one mile run put Van Sickle in the ninth spot.

For the men’s 500 meter run, Colton McNinch, sophomore, finished third, and Adelman finished sixth. Lightfoot and Bruton finished 12th and 13th.

Kirkhart, Willard, Pittman, and Rodgers ran the men’s 4×400 meter relay and finished in sixth place.

In the men’s distance medley, the Builders finished in second place. McDaniel, Kirkhart, Pittman, and Adelman ran the race.

During the men’s high kump, Jovan Fulton-Wilson, junior, ended fifth place jumping 1.90 meters. For the men’s long kump, Rodgers jumped 6.96 meters.

For the men’s shot put, Mohney finished in 14th place and Fernandez and Chase Clark, freshman finished 18th and 22nd respectively.

Angel Vadillo is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at