By Inger Furholt
Staff reporter

The 4 x 800 relay team broke the school record in the prelims, and then again in the finals of the same event, placing fifth. They all also received All-American recognition at the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics National Indoor Track and Field Championships in Geneva, Ohio March 3-5. The team consisted of Conner Drendel, elementary education senior, Chris Copeland, psychology senior, Sam McDaniel, nursing freshman, and Carrington Crum, elementary education junior.

“Any time we can have All Americans, it’s a great accomplishment for our program,” said Jim Helmer, head men’s track coach.

Out of the nine men who qualified, for the NAIA National Indoor Championship, seven received new personal bests according to Helmer.

“I thought the guys team had a great meet,” said Helmer, “Almost all of them had a best personal performances.”

The women’s medley relay team went into the meet ranked 28th, and finished 17th overall, with a 22 second improvement according to Mike Kirkland, head women’s track coach. The women’s medley relay team consisted of Jordan Unruh, nursing senior, Anjaih Clemons, business administration senior, Taylor Kinnamon, business administration junior, and Amy Pierson, nursing senior.

Pierson also competed in the 1000 meter run and did, despite her injury, place 16th overall in prelims.

“I was very pleased with how they stepped up and handled the pressure,” said Kirkland, “I feel like we performed very well.”

The outdoor track season will start March 17, with the Southwestern Invitational on the new track.

Inger Furholt is a senior majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail her at


600 M
Darnell Pittman 1:21.94 (7th-P)
18th Overall in Prelims

Chris Donald 1:27.00 (8th-P)
23rd Overall in Prelims

800 M
Chris Copeland 1:56.72 (3rd-P)
9th Overall in Prelims
1000 M
Carrington Crum, 2:30.09(5th-P)
14th Overall in Prelims
Conner Drendel , 2:31.48 (6th-P)
17th Overall in Prelims
5000 M
Colton McNinch, 15:17.79(11th-P)
23rd Overall in Prelims
Long Jump
Kevin Rodgers, NM (Inj)

4 X 800 M Relay
Conner Drendel , 1:57.97
Chris Copeland, 1:54.37
Sam McDaniel, 1:54.82
Carrington Crum, 1:55.35
Total: 7:42.51
5th overall in prelims.

Conner Drendel , 1:56.97
Chris Copeland, 1:52.43
Sam McDaniel, 1:56.63
Carrington Crum, 1:55.96
Total: 7:41.99

Distance Medley Relay
Darnell Pittman, 3:13.01
Chandler Kirkhart, 50.51
Chris Donald, 1:56.78
Sam McDaniel, 4:34.45
Total: 10:34.75
16 th overall in prelims.


1000 M
Amy Pierson, 3:03.48 (8th-P), 16th Overall in Prelims

Distance Medley Relay

Jordan Unruh, 3:50.38
Anjaih Clemons, 58.68
Taylor Kinnamon, 2:29.99
Amy Pierson, 5:11.66
Total: 12:30.71
17th Overall in Prelims