Mike Kirkland, head women's track coach, helps Colton Siler, psychology junior, off the blocks during track practice. Siler placed first in the 60 meter dash and second in the 200 meter dash at the final indoor track meet of the season in Joplin, Mo. (Jonathan Woon/Collegian photographer).

The women’s 4 x 400 Relay team took first place and ran their seasons best with the time of 4:09.40 at the Missouri Southern University meet in Joplin, Mo. This two day meet on Feb. 18 and 19, was the last indoor meet of the season. The team consists of Anjaih Clemons, business administration senior, Jordan Unruh, nursing senior, Taylor Sisneros undecided freshman, and Amy Pierson, nursing senior.

The men’s distance medley relay team received first place and qualified for nationals with the time of 10:17.13. The team consists of Chris Copeland, psychology senior, Carrington Crum, elementary education junior, Conner Drendel, elementary education senior and Darnell Pittman, business junior.

“This was without question our best overall meet of the indoor season, just based on the number of individual performances” said Mike Kirkland, head women’s track coach, “This was our last regular scheduled indoor meet so we did put an emphasis on finishing the indoor season in a big way and carry a little momentum for confidence as we go into the outdoor season here in four weeks, and they certainly accomplished that.”

The women’s distance medley relay team ran their season best and met the automatic national qualifying mark this meet as they took first place with the time of 12:42.81. The team consists of Clemons, Jordan Unruh, Taylor Kinnamon, business administration junior, and Amy Pierson whom all already qualified for nationals in this event in the third indoor track meet as they then met the provisional qualifying mark.

Amy Pierson, received first place and met the automatic national qualifying mark in the 800 meter run.

Kirkland said he is encouraged by the improvement the team has made this indoor season.

Anjaih Clemons received first place in the 400 meter dash and improved on her career best during the meet. Taylor Kinnamon, received third place in the 800 meters which was also a career best for her. Sydnee Nelson, biology sophomore, received first place in the 5000 meter run, and fifth place in the 3000 meter run and did her career best in both events. Cori Hunt, athletic training freshman, received fourth place in the 800 meter run and approved her career best. Christine Sheppard, nursing freshman, received fourth place overall in the 60 meter dash and third place overall in the 200 meter dash, she had a career best in both events. Jordan Unruh finished second in the 600 yard run and received seasonal best in that event. Alyssa Gould, undecided freshman, improved in the pole vault as she beat the school record with the height of 9’-6 ½”.

“The track meet went well, it was a good way to end our indoor season,” said Clemons, “I am looking forward to what’s in store for nationals and our outdoor season.”

Jim Helmer, head cross country and men’s track coach seemed pleased with the results from the last indoor track meet this season.

“It was a great meet for us,” said Helmer, “Our team performed very well, and we had some outstanding performances once again, and some national qualifiers.”

The men’s team had several highlights as Kevin Rodgers, physical performance junior, received first place in the long jumps, and qualified nationals. Chris Copeland received first place in the 600 yard run, and met the qualifying standards for nationals once again in this event. Colton McNinch, biochemistry freshman, received third place and also qualified for nationals in the 5000 meter run.

According to Helmer Colton Siler, psychology junior, had a great meet as well as he received second in the 200 meter dash, and first in the 60 meter dash.

“We’ve made really good progress and we are improving steadily and right now we’re just excited that we have as many national qualifiers as we have, and we’re going to go try to score some points and have some national qualifiers at the national championship,” said Helmer.

Inger Furtholt is a senior majoring in journalsim. You may e-mail her at inger.furtholt@sckans.edu.BOX SCORES:



Pole Vault
10 Gould, Alissa, 2.91m 9-06.50

Shot Put
9 Bostwick, Mandy, 11.34m 37-02.50
12 Zentner, Allyssa, 10.45m 34-03.50

Women Weight Throw
10 Bostwick, Mandy, 10.43m 34-02.75
11 Zentner, Allyssa, 9.40m 30-10.25

Distance Medley
1 Southwestern College ‘A’ 12:42.81
1) Unruh, Jordan 2) Clemons, Anjaih
3) Kinnamon, Taylor 4) Pierson, Amy

200 Meter Dash
3 Sheppard, Christine, 27.48 2 27.4744
7 Sisneros, Taylor, 28.32 28.37 3

3000 Meter Run
5 Nelson, Sydney, 11:15.28
10 Hendrixson, Jennifer, 11:43.17
13 Coffman, Mallorie, 12:25.30

60 Meter Dash
4 Sheppard, Christine, 8.19

1 Mile Run
6 Cullop, Jacey, 6:04.40
8 Dunigan, Erica, 6:29.92

400 Meter Dash
1 Clemons, Anjaih, 59.95
10 Sisneros, Taylor, 1:04.47

600 Yard Run
2 Unruh, Jordan, 1:30.79

800 Meter Run
1 Pierson, Amy, 2:18.86
3 Kinnamon, Taylor, 2:33.58
4 Hunt, Cori, 2:35.32
7 Dunigan, Erica, 2:50.96

5000 Meter Run
1 Nelson, Sydnee, 19:51.08
2 Hendrixson, Jennifer, 20:31.87
3 Coffman, Mallorie, 21:22.12
4 Cullop, Jacey, 21:31.69

4×400 Meter Relay
1 Southwestern College ‘A’ 4:09.40
1) Clemons, Anjaih 2) Unruh, Jordan
3) Sisneros, Taylor 4) Pierson, Amy
2 Southwestern College ‘B’ 4:29.26
1) Kinnamon, Taylor 2) Hunt, Cori
3) Dunigan, Erica 4) Gould, Alissa


Long Jump
1 Rodgers, Kevin, 7.10mP 23-03.50
12 McPherson, Aaron, 5.90m 19-04.25
14 Henderson, Derek, 5.83m 19-01.50
17 Hall, Joshua, 5.36m 17-07.00

Triple Jump
7 Noel, Trevor, 13.55m 44-05.50
11 McPherson, Aaron, 12.52m 41-01.00

Shot Put
9 Paddock, Chris, 11.82m 38-09.50
10 German, Rodaius, 11.80m 38-08.75
12 Mohney, Garret, 10.80m 35-05.25

Weight Throw
5 McFall, Braddan, 13.29m 43-07.25
6 Paddock, Chris, 12.63m 41-05.25
7 German, Rodaius, 12.05m 39-06.50
9 Mohney, Garret, 9.49m 31-01.75

Distance Medley
1 Southwestern College ‘A’ 10:17.13
1) Copeland, Chris 2) Crum, Carrington
3) Drendel, Conner 4) Pittman, Darnell

200 Meter Dash
2 Siler, Colton, 22.63 2
5 Kirkhart, Chandler, 23.02 2
10 Willard, Brandyn, 23.62 4
18 Adkism, Donva, 24.36 5
19 Hall, Joshua, 26.43 5

3000 Meter Run
2 Adelman, Frank, 8:53.11
3 Topham, Andrew, 8:56.68
7 McNinch, Colton, 9:15.37

60 Meter Dash
1 Siler, Colton, 6.96

1 Mile Run
9 Anders, Eric, 4:40.64
11 Van Sickle, Daniel, 4:47.93
12 Bruton, Trey, 4:49.33

400 Meter Dash
11 Willard, Brandyn, 52.75 3

600 Yard Run
1 Copeland, Chris, 1:12.55 1
2 Donald, Chris, 1:14.44 1

800 Meter Run
2 Crum, Carrington, 1:58.37
3 Drendel, Conner, 1:58.52
4 McDaniel, Sam, 1:58.91

5000 Meter Run
3 McNinch, Colton, 15:17.51
6 Topham, Andrew , 15:25.25
7 Adelman, Frank, 15:34.86
9 Anders, Eric, 16:11.19
13 Bruton, Trey, 16:48.11
14 Van Sickle, Daniel, 17:26.55

4×400 Meter Relay
3 Southwestern College ‘A’ 3:23.78 1
1) Pittman, Darnell 2) Copeland, Chris
3) Kirkhart, Chandler 4) Donald, Chris

7 Southwestern College ‘B’ 3:42.03 2
1) Willard, Brandyn 2) Crum, Carrington
3) Costello, Kory 4) Henderson, Derek