Despite being identical twins, Brodie and Ian Phillips appear to be different people. Alejandra Rojas/Collegian photographer

By Jonathan Woon
Staff reporter

Having a twin may sound cool and exciting but for the Phillips brothers, having a twin is something that one may want to think thoroughly about.

Ian Phillips, biochemistry junior, is often mistaken for his twin brother Brodie Philips, English junior, by friends and teachers. That is no surprise as the twin brothers are identical twins with Ian being the older brother and Brodie the younger. Ian said, “It is annoying in the beginning but now that we’re used to it, it’s fine.” Some faculty and staff don’t even know that Ian has a twin and likewise Brodie. “Once, a teacher approached me and started talking about English classes and stuff like that, and he didn’t realize that he got the wrong person.”

The common misconception about twins is that both share the same preferential taste in all aspects. “People associate you as a twin, not an individual,” said Ian. According to Belinda Hoskinson, owner of College Hill Coffee, Ian is a big fan of regular coffee while Brodie isn’t. The younger twin enjoys tacos but the older twin, Ian, goes for solid American food. Despite being hardcore gamers, Ian plays a totally different genre of games compared to Brodie.

Just like any other siblings, Ian and Brodie fought verbally all the time. Ian said, “People think we always get along well. We argue, but nothing lasted passed five minutes. I like to joke that he holds grudges and brings up stuff that I did to him way, way long ago,” said Ian who occasionally disturbs Brodie by putting Tabasco into his water tumbler back then when they were still kids. Once, Ian was hitting Brodie’s shoulder in a history class back in high school and Brodie complained to the teacher that Ian was “hitting on him”. The Philip brothers vividly recalls this memorable yet awkward moment.

As many out there think having a twin sibling is cool, the twin brothers said that people should seriously think if they want to live with an exact copy of themselves. “It’s not all bad or rainbow and sunshine either. You don’t know until you experience it,” said Ian.

Both Ian and Brodie have future plans that are poles apart. Ian hopes to be a pharmacist one day and Brodie looks forward to be a novelist.

Jonathan Woon is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at