Larry Schuster operates the new electric mower outside Cole Hall. The mower is a donation secured by Dave Helsel, head of security at Southwestern. The mower was donated by Hustler Turf Corporation in honor of Green Team's sustainability efforts. Richard Gould/Collegian photographer

By Will Rosson
Staff reporter

An electric mower was donated to the Green Team from Hustler Turf Corporation, with thanks to David Helsel, head of security.

Helsel, who also owns Dave’s Enterprises, a lawn care retail store out of Dexter, contacted Jason Speegle, director of green team, near the end of last school year.

“David asked me some information about, if we were given a mower, how would we publicize it. He shared our Green Team blog and webpage with the folks at Hustler Turf who operate out of Hesston and they made the decision based off of that,” said Speegle.

The Hustler Zeon electric mower donated saves an estimated $245 compared to the average gas powered mower. Over a 10 year period, the Zeon electric mower saves an estimated $1600 in gas and maintenance.

With the current fleet of gas powered mowers, the new electric mower is doing the job well.

“I’m not sure what the current mowers we have cost, but as time goes on and it comes to a time to make a decision about a new mower, I can see an electric being a possiblitiy. I would hope that option would be considered,” said Speegle.

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