By Maggie Dunning
Staff reporter

As Dawn Pleas-Bailey, vice president of student life, says, “Everyone has a style. Even those who say they don’t care have a style, that not caring is a style.” 

When it comes to women and fashion, we understand it. We love it. We enjoy creating new fashion. Men don’t seem to be able to understand our obsession with it.

I can’t really blame men for not being able to comprehend why we love shoes that kill our feet, art for our nails and goops that make our faces look like aliens.

It’s not their faults really. It’s just that no one has ever explained why women love fashion so much.

I am here to fix that.

The first thing to know is women dress for other women because we know they will appreciate our efforts and tell us.

I know plenty of women who wear a cute outfit out just to see what other women think of it. They do it because they know they’ll get useful feedback from other women.

We know that women will understand why we are wearing what we’re wearing. They’ll relate to the feelings an outfit reveals.

We like seeing how other women dress to get ideas for our own closets. We like looking at what other women wear, do with their make-up, hair and nails. We like it so much that we now have apps for that.

In fact I asked four women and four men how many pairs of shoes and pants each one owned just to compare the numbers.

Woman one owned over 20 pairs of shoes and over 25 pairs of pants. The second owned 15 pairs of shoes and 20 pairs of pants. Woman number three owned 18 pairs of shoes and 10 pairs of pants. The last woman owned four pairs of shoes and seven pairs of pants.

The men on the other hand owned a lot less of both shoes and pants on average. The first man owned four pairs of shoes and four pairs of pants. The second man owned four pairs of shoes and seven pairs of pants. The third man owned 19 pairs of shoes and 14 pairs of pants. The fourth man owned five pairs of shoes and eight pairs of pants.

While there was an outlier for each group for the most part women out owned men of the shoe front by quite a few pairs. As for pants women owned more than men but the gap was lesser.

This proves is that women value having more clothing options and outfit potential more than guys. It also proves that for the most part men have simpler fashion and style needs than women.

We all have our favorite area of fashion. It can be having crazy good make-up skills to our shoe style to the total fashion package.

No matter what our area of expertise is we all love to show off. To show off, we have to have a substantial collection. Not only that, but it gives us a reason to enjoy spending money and hoarding the treasures we find.

What’s been stated are just a few things that men need to know about women and fashion. There is just one more thing I have to say about women and fashion.

Men a compliment will go a long way to making a woman open up about what you need to know about her fashion.

Maggie Dunning is a sophomore majoring in communication. You many email her at