By Joey Yeisley
Guest writer

Valentine’s Day is a special day to spend with that special someone. It usually involves the exchange of small gifts and a romantic dinner and/or activity. The cost of the day, usually burdened upon the male, can vary based on the festivities planned and type of gifts exchanged. The most common gifts given are flowers, chocolate, jewelry, and stuffed animals.

My opinion on Valentine’s Day is that it was never meant to become such a commercialized Holiday. It has become more of a Second Christmas for women, which I am sure the ladies have no problem with. However, I believe the day was meant to express your love and gratitude toward that special someone in your life. Now this may be through the form of a gift, but can also be through a romantic gesture. If you truly love someone the gift should mean less to you than the actual time and thought put into it by the person you love.

I believe it is important that when we are in a relationship that we try to make every day Valentine’s Day. We should always make sure that our special someone knows how much they mean to us and that is what Valentine’s Day is truly about!