By Mike Harper
Guest writer

I think it is somewhat important to for college students to be informed about events in the world. I think there are some guidelines I follow to determine the extent I should be informed and the issues to be informed about.

1. Does the event have a significant bearing on you ideologically, morally and practically? If an event influences, intersects or even conflicts with what is essential and important to your life, then you should pay attention to it and even reflect upon it. Some issues can affect you more directly and others more indirectly, so it is important that you try to think about what kind of implications certain events might have on you.

2. What issues should I be vigilant about knowing? Some things will be very important to the person you are and the gifts, talents and abilities you have. At the very least, college students especially should begin to investigate and hone in on those areas regarding their major in order to become more knowledgeable and fluent in the ideas and issues with respect to their vocational pursuits.

Either way, there are such things as being over-informed or under-informed and neither is very good.

Mike Harper is the assistant professor of philosophy at Southwestern College.