By Kyle Just
Guest writer

Today, I find myself not very informed of world events. I don’t really know who runs for president, what laws have been passed or what ingredients have been placed in Taco Bell’s “meat.”

I really wish that I knew what was happening, though. I find myself in a lot of conversations that I can’t follow that I wish I could.

For college students, it’s really important that we pay attention to what’s going on around us. We need to know what kind of economy we’re entering when we graduate. It would also be nice to know if our future career choice is going to be available to us as we begin job searching.

I can feel so out of the loop because of my lack of knowledge with our world. If I were to just take some time to pull up a news website and do some reading, I could have a much better understanding of what’s to come.

Kyle Just is a senior majoring in physical education.