Anna Stevens
I am pretty used to the price right now but later when it rises it will affect me more. Hopefully it doesn’t rise TOO much before May 8 as I commute back and forth between Ark City & Winfield every day. I will definitely re-think unnecessary trips and try to cut back in other areas if I do have to travel more. It will eventually affect the price of everything because it will cost more for merchandise to get to the stores so everything will go up in price… that seems to be fact, so people will obviously just have to cut back in other areas of their budgets. I am thankful that it has not been completely outrageous these last few years of commuting.
With everything going on in the Middle-East, it does not look like they will be coming down in price very soon so we probably all need to take the actions necessary to adjust accordingly. It is also a “heads-up” for America to try to establish independent oil resources.

Anna Stevens is a senior majoring in music.

Jennifer Conrady

As a non-traditional student who commutes I drive about 350 miles a week to come to school at Southwestern, spending approximately $75.00 a week on just gas. This does not include the hours I travel for observations as a part of my Education Major.

The rising prices have affected everything for my family of three. I have to strategically plan out my trips to make sure that I’m not driving out of my way to get somewhere, and some days it means a very long day on campus to avoid driving.

We continue to cut back on the fun things in life, like going to a movies, eating out, cable TV and anything else that might be unnecessary, to try to save on money. We have to carefully watch our budget to make sure bills get paid and I have funds to go to school.

It’s a struggle, don’t get me wrong, but I constantly remind myself of the education I am receiving here and that although it’s tough- it will be well worth it when I am handed my degree next year!

Jennifer Conrady is a junior majoring in education.