By Morgan Constantine
Guest writer

When you have a tough professor whether it’s you and them don’t get along or you are just struggling in the class the way to deal with it is to first talk to them. Set up a meeting so that you can talk one on one and let them know the problem. Hopefully you can figure out how to make things work for the class. It is really difficult when you have a tough professor because most students don’t want to get help but for me asking them what I can do and how to make things work really help and if that doesn’t work you can go to your adviser and tell them your situation and they can help solve it. But the biggest thing is to ask for help.


By Tanner Seidel
Guest writer

Dealing with tough professors is probably the second hardest part of college, right after time management. Every semester professors will hand out a syllabus, it’s your new Bible; on a syllabus from a quality professor you will find everything you need to conquer that class. Furthering my discussion of conquering, if you don’t test well then don’t take a class from a professor who only tests. The opposite is true as well, if you don’t plan to attend class and do homework then make sure your class choices will allow you to pass, it’s unlikely to be an effective strategy alone.

My final and most important piece of advice is to communicate. Communication makes the world work; communication is the single best way to deal with a tough professor. I can’t think of a single professor here that hates students, just talk to them and try to find a solution. The ability to build a working relationship with a superior is an important part of what makes a small college so beneficial; students should take advantage of that as much as possible.