ABOVE: Laura Podschun, religion and philosophy sophomore, plays with a Cowley County Humane Society dog, Louis. (Madison Stumbough/Staff photographer)

By Madison Stumbough

Staff reporter

STUFU hosted the annual Hounds at the Mound, partnering with the Cowley County Humane Society.

Laura Podschun, religion and philosophy sophomore, organized the event for the first time this year.

“We definitely reached our goal,” Podschun said. “The turn out was so good and everyone that came by was so thankful and joyful playing with the dogs.”

The dogs were on campus for two hours midday on Monday and were greeted by several students as well as faculty and staff.

Jaime Davison, religion and philosophy junior, was excited about the event from the moment she saw the first email announcement. “The dogs were so sweet, and I felt joy seeing them greet everyone openly,” Davison said. “Dogs just have that spark that opens up creativity in us when our minds are so clouded over with information. It’s a good break.”

STUFU has partnered with the Cowley County Humane Society for several years to bring numerous events on campus each year. This year alone the Humane Society and STUFU partnered together for three different events.

Spending time with the dogs is a great way for students to effortlessly engage in community service as they are filling a need of the Cowley County Humane Society. The dogs spend a lot of time with other dogs but don’t often get human contact, so any chance the Humane Society gets to have people play with the dogs is helpful.

Filling this need is one reason Podschun loved organizing this event, as well as filling the students’ desire to play with animals.

STUFU and the Humane Society plan to hold events like this for many years to come.

Madison Stumbough is a junior majoring in liberal arts and sciences. You may email her at madison.stumbough@sckans.edu.