By Maggie Dunning
Staff reporter

Students of the honors apartments have been complaining lately. Their complaints center on their wireless internet in the apartments.

Zenas Lopez, business administration junior, said, “I’d say about a week basis, I have had it go out about three times and that’s just all day at different times.”

Holly Silvia, computer science and digital arts sophomore, said, “Sometimes I can’t even load a simple webpage. It takes hours just to get on to google to search something.”

Scott Ireland, director for IT infrastructure, said, “We do know there have been, since it started this year, equipment issues in what we call honors east.”

He went on to say that the equipment issues would have caused the wireless internet to go down periodically.

Both students say the issues they had started at the beginning of the semester. They also said they are still happening.

Silvia said, “I have to use a Wifi extender to get okay service.”

Lopez said, “Actual connection, quality, and ping is really high.”

Ping is the speed it takes for one computer to communicate with another and back again. That process usually only takes a hundred of a millisecond to do that.

“Around here, you will see it about a few thousand which is estimating to about a second per thousand,” said Lopez.

Lopez said that because of that it is taking about 12 seconds for a connection to happen.

Silvia said, “I have to go up to Christy if I want something done quickly. I come back here when I don’t have any internet related homework.”

Ireland said, “We have identified that part of the issue is related to facilities and our plant ops is working on correcting that particular issue.”

The issue related to the facilities would have been causing the wireless connection problems.

He refused to comment on what exactly what the facilities are and their location.

Ireland said, “Where the equipment was located there were climate issues and those climate issues we’re looking at being corrected.”

He went on to say if the issues cannot be corrected equipment will be moved to a different location.

Ireland said reporting the issues students are having is the biggest thing students can do to improve the situation.

Ireland said, “It’s really important they let us know because we only know what we hear about and so it does nobody any good if they have issues and they don’t report it.”

Lopez said, “I have talked to them. I have emailed them. They say that if we really want to go do anything about it, we need to go talk to the student government.”

Silvia said, “I haven’t gone to the computer center, but I have talked with some people that work in there.”

Ireland said if students cannot get wireless internet there are wired connections in every dorm.

The amount of wired connections each dorm room has is based on the number of beds it has.

“There are wired connections in every dorm. Feel free to plug in an Ethernet to get a connection,” said Ireland.

Maggie Dunning is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may contact her at