Pictured above: Andrew Morrow, philosophy & religion, concentrates on spelling his word to advance in the spelling bee. (Tanner Carlson/ Staff Reporter)

By Lauren Sieh
Staff Reporter

At 11 a.m. the annual SC Homecoming Spelling Bee kicked off. Each contestant had one minute to spell their word. The competition would consist of four rounds.

· First round – fifth grade level words

· Second round – seventh grade level words

· Third round – high school level words

· Fourth round – words used in the 2016 Scripps National Spelling Bee

18 contestants participated in the spelling bee. In the first round, six contestants were eliminated and 12 remained. As the words got harder in the second round, five more were eliminated; leaving only seven contestants standing. Four contestants did not make it to the next round. Only three contestants went on to the fourth round.

After one of the three was eliminated, Andrew Morrow, philosophy & religion major, and Kamy Walck, health science junior, went back and forth for the win. Morrow eventually came out on top when Walck spelled the word Mylar wrong. Morrow then had to spell the word oracle to secure his win.


Morrow had immense confidence with every word he spelled, even though it was his first time competing in a spelling bee.

“The only thing a practice for is that I knew I could not get the word discipleship wrong. For some reason earlier today, I kept thinking of the word entrepreneur. It seemed like a hard word to me, so I made sure how to spell it,” said Morrow

Morrow’s competitor Walck has competed in a spelling bee in the third grade. Walck’s friends helped her practice for this competition.

“My friends just randomly asked me to spell words whenever I passed them or in the locker room Claren and I spelled words together,” said Walck.

Lauren Sieh is a freshman majoring in communication. You may contact her at lauren.sieh@sckans.edu