By Hannah Watkins
Staff reporter

Homecoming may very well be the busiest week of the year and it seems that teachers have yet to get the memo. Even good students fall behind during this week of festivities.

There are so many activities to choose from. We have to decide between activities. Should we see The Campus Player’s production, “The Richardson Fire Project” or play flag football? Do we go watch the skit competition or study for important upcoming tests? We’re expected to do everything and it’s a struggle to fit everything into our schedules.

Between dodge ball tournaments, cupcake wars, flag football, spirit competitions and the dedication of the new stadium, there is a tendency to put the Homecoming festivities ahead of school and studying.

A normal day for me consists of going to class, then golf practice and then studying until it gets late. However, last week I  found myself gravitating towards going to the Dodgeball tournament or watching the flag football game instead of dedicating myself to school work.

It’s difficult to force myself to study when I know at that moment there is some sort of Homecoming celebration going on.  With so many different activities to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to attend everything and stay on top of homework at the same time.

With mid-terms looming in the future, this week I should be cracking down on my studies to score the best possible grades in my classes. But finding the balance between the fun and exciting activities and school work has been much more difficult this week than it has been in past weeks.

In these past few Homecoming days, I have found myself procrastinating on homework to attend different events, and then staying up later to catch up on extra work. Hopefully next year I can find a way to pick and choose which events are worth my time and which ones I could skip to dedicate more time to school work. Finding balance next year will hopefully help lower my stress level around this time.

As a freshman, I haven’t completely experienced the excitement of Homecoming paired with the dramatic decrease in excitement towards class, but I’m sure it will be a shock when it happens. After having so much fun one week, I’m not looking forward to cracking back down on classes even more intensely than before for midterms.

The beginning of autumn is also flu and cold season, which will add to many students’ stress levels as well. Almost every year in high school, I found myself having a blast at Homecoming bonfires and parades, but once finals began, I could feel sickness coming on.

This year after Homecoming, I’m fully prepared to be bombarded by illness. My friend and golf team member, junior Courtney Huppert said, “I tend to almost always get sick around homecoming time. It makes everything so much more stressful.”

I’m not excited for this aspect of Homecoming. So while I have discovered the fun and excitement of Homecoming, I have also discovered—the hard way—attending all the festivities comes at a hefty price.

I’m not generally a procrastinator, but I have found myself turning into one as homecoming week goes on. And with the looming idea of flu and cold season, getting sick around midterms won’t help either. I think maybe the stress of procrastination and sickness might be worth it though, because I had more fun this week than I have had in a long time.

Hannah Watkins is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at