With Homecoming starting on Oct. 6, marking the conclusion of the college’s 125th anniversary, Susan Lowe, director of alumni programs, has ensured there will be plenty of events catered to returning alumni.

For classes who graduated in years ending in one or six, they will have their reunion gatherings on Saturday evening.

The 125th anniversary was planned around two major renovations on campus, beginning with Richard L. Jantz Stadium last year, and wrapping up with the dedication of Richardson Performing Arts Center.

“While the football game is always a draw for alumni, I think those who were involved with the fine arts department will really enjoy all the music program reunions,” said Lowe.

Tim Shook, chair of division of performing arts, expects a great turnout of alumni for the music performances. “Eighty alumni will be returning to participate in the orchestra and A Capella choir concerts,” said Shook.

The dedication of the newly renovated performing arts center will feature the annual Kaleidoscope concert, including alumni joining South Kansas Symphony and Choir.

“The concert gives a little taste of all ensembles, but due to the size we limit the performances to specific groups,” said Shook.

To wrap up the anniversary and Homecoming celebration, a worship service will be held at 10:50 a.m. Sunday in Richardson with Grace United Methodist Church.

“Many people don’t know that Grace Methodist was founded by Southwestern students and services were held on campus. So it’s really coming full circle now that we are inviting them back on campus to share in the celebration,” Lowe said.

This special Homecoming has been in the works for more than a year to make sure that it gives all Moundbuilders, young and old, a chance to show their Southwestern spirit.

Alyssa Richardson is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at alyssa.richardson@sckans.edu.