By Lenita Krejci
Staff reporter

With 38 days until Christmas, do you know what you’re getting everyone? Still unsure?  Not to worry, Leadership is ready to help you out. In addition to delicious apple pies, the Leadership team is adding one more holiday filled fundraiser to help make your season merry and less stressful— wreaths.

Why wreaths?

Tyler Combs, biochemistry junior said, “Every time somebody comes through your door with a fundraiser, the first thought is oh great I’m going to have to buy something I really don’t want. But everyone decorates for Christmas so we’re helping them out by providing them with something they’re already going to buy instead of pushing something they don’t really need.”

Combs also mentioned the two options that people have in purchasing wreaths. You can purchase through one of the members of the Leadership team, or online at

There is a benefit to buying in person. “They start at $40 online, but if you buy them in person, they will be cheaper due to bulk discount,” said Combs.

All proceeds of this fundraiser will go to the trip to Europe that Leadership will take this spring.  The trip will offer class credit toward a Leadership minor.

“We are going to be going to Barcelona, Spain; Venice, Italy; and Athens, Greece in May,” said Lindsey Wilke, assistant director of leadership Southwestern. “And hopefully be doing service in Barcelona and Athens.”

Possible service work they are looking into includes working with the Barcelona Rotary Club or Salvation Army and possibly refugee work or teaching leadership in some of the Athens schools. Italy will be more of a sightseeing trip.

“We do a multitude of fundraisers through the year—around 10— to try to give students the chance to be able to pay for the whole trip through fundraising so it’s not such a burden as it has been in past,” said Wilke.

Time is limited. “We are going to try and place the order right before people leave for Thanksgiving Break so that they will have them to decorate with when they get back,” said Combs.

Katie Gomez, communication senior, said, “We are also selling our Leadership apple pies, so if you don’t want to buy a wreath you can buy a pie.  Everyone likes to buy things this time of year to give away so it’s nice.”

“This would make a really nice combination package with our apple pies,” said Wilke.

For more information about the apple pies, visit

Lenita Krejci is a senior majoring in speech and theatre education and musical theatre production. You may e-mail her at