By Jonathan Woon
Editor in Chief

If you think the basketball team and volleyball team does not have the amount of supporters they deserve, things might change real soon. If you haven’t already notice, the basketball gym has experienced a major facelift over the summer.

Among the improvements are a new floor design with a huge Jinx cat logo on it, new banners that boast of Southwestern’s sports teams , and benches for the players.

Kaitlin Tennyson, junior guard, describes the gym as being “very professional and brightens up the gym overall.” Donnie Wallace, head volleyball coach, is already a big fan of the improvements made to Stewart Field House. Wallace said, “I think the court design and banners do a great job of combining the old historic traditions and new flavor of Southwestern College.”

However, these positive changes have also created pressure amongst the players. Anngelina Robinson, senior guard, said, “The floor can be a motivation. I believe it would be a shame to get a bunch of new things and not be successful.”

Besides the basketball gym, there exists an overhauled women’s soccer locker room located below the basketball gym. Many do not know of this because it is less public by nature. Striking green floor paint and a new women’s soccer logo painted on the wall are among the major additions notable in the women’s soccer locker room.

Despite its secretive nature, Maddie Chapin, captain of women’s soccer team, believe that the changes made to the locker room is capable of translating itself on the soccer field. “I was so glad that the place where we needed to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for games,” said Chapin.

Chapin’s teammate Alyson Sparkman, senior forward, also favors the upgrade to the locker room. Sparkman said, “My favorite part about the upgrades is the major feeling of pride you get when I step in the locker room.” Sparkman also noted that such changes are a great sign that proves the school’s interest in their athletes. “Seeing that the school and coaches put hard work in for you and your team and knowing you what to do the same.”

At the heart the changes made to Stewart Field House, there is no doubt both supporters and players alike will have new experiences when visiting the Field House. Kaley Rodriguez, defensive specialist, said, “The renovation of the gym and locker room has given me another reason to play.”

Rodriguez feels like the new floor is a way to start over and start a trend of winning. “I feel as a team we have already changed our outlook on the season for the better with positive energy because of the changes on the gym and the group of freshmen we have brought in.”

Due to these changes, there is a strong sense of pride within the teams. Rodriguez learned about the changes during the summer and posted a picture of the gym floor on Facebook. A Kansas Wesleyan basketball player then commented “I can’t wait to beat you guys on your new floor,” on the picture. Referring to that comment, Rodriguez responded, “I don’t know about women’s basketball but I am so ready for them to face off against Kansas Weslyan and defend our floor.”

Jonathan Woon is a junior majoring communication. You may e-mail him at