Pete Moye’
Staff reporter

You can “wait-for-it,” but it will never come back. And so comes and goes nine seasons of the twisting and turning series of “How I Met Your Mother.”

Ironically enough, an ending we all seemed to crave after every single episode left a distasteful color in our mouths. Did we all want to see Ted end up with Robin? Definitely.

However, it was a bit anticlimactic that he spent eight years chasing his perfect woman, but she was in front of him the entire time. Was it a pleasant surprise? Somewhat.

It just seemed a bit lazy of the writers, who were able to creatively write themselves out of every eventful cliffhanger that they got themselves into.

Season nine which seemed to drag on forever slowly introduced the mother, played by Cristin Milioti, and made her the first main character added to the cast since the first season.

Her role was played very well because until the announcement of her illness, it seemed she’d be the last woman Ted ended up with.

Overall, despite the controversial ending, the series was definitely a huge success.

This highly-acclaimed show won numerous awards including nine Emmy Awards, six People’s Choice Awards and an American Latino Media Award. Those sixteen awards are a part of 18 total awards won from 78 nominations over the years.

And so here’s to every one of those fictional characters as we remember a show that was once, and will always be, legendary.

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