By Tierney Sutton
Staff reporter

Heavy snow swept Winfield last night with temperatures hitting as low as 31 degrees. Regardless, students still made their way to class, not letting the snow get in their way – even if the roads and sidewalks were slick. While some students didn’t particularly like the cold, Manny Gonzalez, kinesiology junior, was thrilled to have snow.

“Even though I fell a few times making my way to class, it was worth it because I like being around the snow. It is probably because this is my seventh time seeing it, but it’s still amazing to me,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez is a part of the the Southwestern track team. The snow did not slow him down, even when running 10 miles for practice.

“I ran one of my fastest 10 miles because I got to see snow,” said Gonzalez. “It didn’t even faze me.”

Faith Ferguson, elementary education junior, lives off campus. Ferguson also didn’t mind the snow.

“I am totally a snow person. I love the snow,” said Ferguson. “The roads didn’t bother me at all, or affect my classes even if they were a bit slick.”

Even though the students of Southwestern are keeping a positive attitude, it is urged to be safe during slippery conditions.

Tierney Sutton is a junior majoring in communication. You can email her at